Thursday, July 13, 2006

stupid hot montreal

was it a dream? can't wrap my head around it. no more wm theatersport. so what did i do? jumped on a train the very day i landed back in toronto and headed to montreal to catch the begining of the just for laughs festival. festival enegy is so invigorating. especially if you got nothing to go back home to.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Friday night, TWO World Champions were crowned as the audience cheered and voted for both teams equally through three overtime heats.

Both The Canadian Shield and Belgium's Quicksilver Productions were honoured as the fans stubbornly insisted that the show was terrific from tip to tail.
The ref KNUT made the brave call to split the top honour, preemptively deterring the impeding riot in the powderkeg that was the Kurfürstendamm Theater.

During the show:
Derek played a dying child who ate too many cigarettes.
Steve played a musclehead who lacks sensitivity.
Jacob played a jellyfish.

We learned:
Rain is the tears of a giraffe.
Even Make-A-Wish Foundations can get terminally ill.
A man may smell of cheese, yet still find true love.

Some Overtime highlights:
One minute Belgian dance love story of engagement in bed.
The Scary Not Funny Lighthouse Ghost story.

The Host and Official Father Figure Christof Jungmann was awarded a third of the conveniently separable World Cup Trophy for his Exceeding Competence and Benevolence.

Pictures are here for the lookin':

The whole tournament has been a Fearless and Ridiculously Ambitious Whiz-Bang Hoo-Ha, and we feel honoured by the support for our team. Thanks Germany!


after almost two weeks of consecutive impro the first world cup of impro is over. and like every good shark jumping moment, every one learned a valuable lesson, friendships were strengthened with maghogony, and a sassy, smart talking baby grew up right before our eyes. the long night of theatresports was and it wasn't. theatresports it wasn't but long indeed it was. that didn't deter the full tent to cheer everyone and wallow chest deep in impro haha-ery.

check out Fabulous Fan Fotos at:

sadness is now slowly overtaking everyone as our ever extended family started to splinter last night during the sunrise dance party with the departure of some argentians, the japanese, a few columbians, and a frenchman or two.
tonight will be a little more reserved as france and italy take to the pitch in an attempt to bring moisture to the great fallow fields of misery left behind by the ravaging birds of impro.

and could this be the end of the canadian shield? a team brought together for this one sole purpose is now adrift. what will become of them? tune in next time...

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Have you heard??!

In front of a capacity 850 seat theatre in the ritzy side of west Berlin, two juggernauts of the impro world came together in a clash similar to that of titans. With the pressure of a live, nationwide televised broadcast and with the fate of the whole world resting upon their very malformed shoulders, Belgium and Canada dug deep into their respective comedy bag o'tricks, spat in the bucket, and came out fighting.

Canada lost one point to the very stringent German rule of 'No Mistakes', and got a little distracted by the very sexy crowd.
By the end of the first half Belgium pulled away slightly leading by two points, but with the spirit of a thousand pine trees and the raging power of the mighty North Saskatchewan River, Team Canada wowed, stunned, caused much mouth gaping and was able to pull level by the end of regulation time.
It was then that nail biting became the order on the menu of tension.

After three(!) tie breaker attempts and the threat of penalty kicks it was decided that there could only be one winner. That winner was: IMPRO! And so for 2006 there would be two World Champions!!! Huzzah Belgium!! Huzzah Canada!!

The world is now a safer place.
end transmission.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Good Day

How's it Goin, eh?

We, The Canadian Shield, are playing tonight in the final match of the first World Cup of Theatresports.

There have been over 50 matches between 16 teams in 11 cities across Germany.
After meeting teams from Zimbabwe, Russia and Sweden in the first rounds, we conquered New Zealand in the quater finals like we were cane toads and they were a delicate eco-system.
Last night we took the match from Austria, an excellent team made up of good friends - twas a superb show.

So Tonight it's BERLIN -we will meet another team of friends from Quicksilver Productions from Belgium - in an enormous 850 seat theatre - and it will be broadcast live to an audience of 100 million billion brazilian people on the German Theatre Channel.

no pressure.

We are well rested and slightly giddy. Wiish us luck or broken legs or whatever gets you through the night.

love, Jacob 'Monty'

Steve 'Peg'

and Derek 'Cal'

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


we made it.
we squeezed by a fast and furious new zealand team last night in hamburg to clinch a spot in the semi finals thursday night in dortmud against austria. (will there be question of loyalty on jacob's behalf?). if we manage a win, then the whole circus moves to berlin and we face the winner of the columbia-belgium match. fingers crossed.
for now we have the the next two days off.
in hamburg until tomorrow. then to train it to dortmud to hang for a day. gives us time to refocus, cough the cigarette tar out of our lungs, and regroup for the last round of partying that is sure to happen in berlin.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Team As Anatomy...

Jacob is the Brain. The whole nervous system actually, he says 'jump' and the other two ask 'how high?'. He feels around and determines what the show needs and then sends out electrical impulses to the right places. He gets the ideas and vetos the 'crazy' ideas (guess where those are coming from?). The Brain leads us into the dark and mysterious unknown fearlessly.

Steve is the Heart. The circulatory system, feeding the brain and all other parts with precious oxygen. Making sure there is a steady rhythm to the show. As well, the heart feels... oh how it feels. Sometimes there is a great disturbance in the improv force and sometimes... it's all pony rides and rainbows.

Derek is the Madness. The dark lurking IT, the adrenaline, the endomorphines, waiting to pump another injection into both the brain and the heart. Sure, sometimes the pulse rises dangerously high, and sometimes the brain is wired with too many synapses firing, but it's all for the greater good. And at the end of the day all these crazy natural drugs make for a good show (with some strange side effects of course).

The trick is to get all these parts of the whole working together to create the best body of work possible, for the fans. And so that people don't have to rely on robots to make their improv shows, that would be terrible (even though robots are funny).

Well jeez its hot in Europe, and I don't just mean the hot improv that has been sweeping across Germany.

The sweating that has been going on has been breaking sweat records left right and centre. The last show in Bremen which had Canada head to head with Sweden saw four bucket loads of persperation produced (of course, all the sweat was donated to charity). The match between Canada and Sweden ended with the Swedes taking the match, which means that both Canada and Sweden move on from Group D. Which means we have to say a sweet good-byes to the teams from Russia and Zimbawe.

The Quarter-final match is in Hamburg and will see Canada facing off with New Zealand. Let's hope our Canucks can pull this one off and move on to the Semi-finals.

And lets also hope that the sweaty hot shows can cool down just a bit, and that nobody get hurt.

These men are our bodyguards, The Bavarian Tanzermanner. They keep the hoards of sceaming teenage girls at bay while we scramble into our limos. They hypnotize the fans with their traditional slapping dances and whooping and hollering.

Remember European Vacation? That´s pretty much our life right now.
Jacob is Chevy Chase.
Steve is Beverly DÁngelo.
Derek is that other Rusty - the replacement who wasn´t as good as Anthony Michael Hall.


Saturday, July 01, 2006


two shows left. so much honking!!
where did i leave off?
after the imbabweans, zimbabians, zimbabwites (?), we met up with our division rivals, the swedes. outdoor theatre. a threat of wind and rain. a spirited battle; a draw (no thanks to derek drawing two fouls costing canada two points).
last night in hannover, against our division rivals - russia, a win.
so we enter the home stretch of the competition, two shows left, on top of our pool. tonight, our division rivals zimbabwe, and a chance to clinch top spot with 13 points.
scanning the results of the other games at, it seems our stiffest competition will come from belgium and france. and we all know how western canadians feel about the french.
well...the live sex shows are calling.
fingers crossed.