Wednesday, June 14, 2006


An easy to digest list!

Awesome Preview Show
Saturday, June 24, Graz: The Shield vs. Theater im Bahnhof
in Orpheum Extra at 19:30
Mon June 26, Munich: Opening Ceremonies
First Round:
Tue June 27, Dresden: Canada - Russia
Wed June 28, Berlin: Canada - Zimbabwe
Thur June 29, Berlin: Canada - Sweden
Fri June 30, Hannover: Canada - Russia
Sat July 1, Hamburg: Canada – Zimbabwe (That's Canada Day, watch out!)

Sun July 2, Bremen: Canada - Sweden
Mon July 3, Hamburg or München: Quarter Finals
Thu July 6, Dortmund or Nürnberg: Semi Finals
Fri July 7, Berlin: FINAL MATCH
Sat July 08, Berlin: The Long Night of Theatresports


Anonymous J from Regina (now London) said...

So, here's my question. Why is this taking place at the same time as the other World Cup? You know, the one with the "soccer" ball and such. I think a lot of people like that too. People who are taking up valuable hostel space in certain German cities. I like both World Cups, but for some reason, I only just learned about this one. Since I'm lucky enough to be a Canadian in London, I want to take the short trip to Germany. I just hope I have half a chance of actually finding a place to stay. I also can only go for the finals, so a certain country better be in said finals.

8:08 PM  
Blogger THE CANADIAN SHiELD said...

this is officially part of the FIFA soccer world cup festivities - the cultural component, as it were.
it has been difficult for our german friends to find 50 beds, you're right.
but we will be in berlin for the finals whether or not we are actually playing, (although, yes, we will of course be in the finals) we will surely be playing on that final show on Saturday 08. hope you can make it!

11:02 AM  

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