Monday, June 19, 2006

The Canadian Shield... a mass of rock, also an improv team.

The Canadian Shield is the largest sub-region in the Northern Region. It is 4.8 billion square km in area. It is located in: North-east Alberta, Northern Saskatchewan, Northern Manitoba, Southern N.W.T, Ontario (except for the Ontario Peninsula), Quebec, Labrador, Eastern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin and Northern Michigan.

Using longitude and latitude you can find the coordinates of the Canadian Shield. Its southern-most point is 89W 44N, the Northern-most point is, 105W 57N, the Western-most point is 115W 57N and the Eastern-most point is 57W 51N.

The Canadian Shield’s primary industries are farming, mining and forestry. Even though the Canadian Shield has plentiful primary industries, it has very few secondary industries. They have smelters near the mines and many pulp and paper mills. Its tertiary industry is mainly tourism. Every year many people go to areas of the Canadian Shield to see its flat rocky ground and thick coniferous forests. The only quaternary industries are research at universities in Thunder Bay, Sudbury and Duluth. They research better ways to mine and conduct forestry. Since pulp and paper mills are so plentiful in the area it is becoming a negative interaction with the world. Pulp and paper mills are whipping out many of the large thick coniferous forests, thereby endangering the animals that call the coniferous forests of the Canadian Shield home.

The Canadian Shield has two major landforms, a rocky surface of mainly igneous rock and many coniferous forests. The highest elevation of the Canadian Shield is only about 500m above sea level. The reason that this region has rocky surfaces is because millions of years ago there were mountains in the sub-region, through water, freeze thaw and fluvial erosion the mountains have eroded into hard even land. The southern section of the Canadian Shield is mainly boreal, meaning that it is mostly coniferous forests. In the northern part it is rocky frozen tundra.

Since the Canadian Shield is so large the climate varies. In the southern parts of the Canadian Shield such as southern Ontario the climate is seasonal. In the winter the average temperature is about –18 degrees Celsius and in the summer it is about +25 degrees Celsius. The growing season is about 120 days. The south has about 15 hours of daylight in the summer and 8.5 hours in the winter. The average temperature in the northern part of the Canadian Shield is about –35 in the winter and about +15 in the summer. The growing season is only about 60 days and in the winter the north only has about 5.5 hours of daylight. In the summer the northern part has 18.5 hours of daylight everyday.

In the lowlands of the Canadian Shield (Hudson Bay Area) the soil is soggy and is suitable for planting trees. However the area has many marshes and bogs. The rest of the region has course soil that doesn’t hold moisture very well and is frozen year round. This is called the "tundra".

Vegetation in the Canadian Shield is mainly coniferous forests.
In the south the trees are larger and closer together. As you go
north trees are smaller and not as dense.
There is eventually a spot up north in the Shield
that doesn’t have any forest; this is again in the tundra.

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