Thursday, June 29, 2006


Both shows have been really fun. The audiences are warm and generous, the stories have been interesting and ridiculous. A couple of dud moments, but nothing catastrophic.

on the trains we have drawn some scenes in brief comic form, so when we have the tech, we will publish those too. patience!

DRESDEN with the Russians: we won.

BERLIN with Zimbabwe: we won.

Jacob recieved a yellow card for (i think) facetiousness. then another for goofing with the audience, then a RED CARD when he tried to laugh it off! Leon was ref, and he was being a hardass. Jacob had to let someone else set up the scene, but was allowed to act in it.
they take off points for fouls! it's dangerous to goof around too much. and you gotta be careful with the germans. they think rules are fun.

The shows are set up so that after a scene or two as a team, we play a mixed scene with the other team. it's a great way to get players out of a comfort zone (playing with their usual crew) and really open up into the unexpected - cuz those russkies are crazy, and zimbabwe -

- well, one of them is crazy.

the scoring of the show: audience members have three coloured cards representing 1, 3 or 5 points. they hold up the cards and the ref assesses the colour scheme.
it's a little anticeptic. dry. though there is some tension if it's not clear and the ref has to decide...
i prefer the canadian method of getting the audience to all yell or applaud their vote. it's immediate, passionate, makes them into one roaring beast.

our scenes have been at times touching, violent, loving, abstract, simple, supernatural and stupid.

love, monty


Anonymous Der Philipp said...

Usually in germany 1-5 points are given by applause (Wanna give 1 point? *applause* 2 point? *applause* 3? ....)

So this was "invented" for the world cup...

3:20 PM  

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