Thursday, June 29, 2006


day four finds us in Berlin.
wait wait... start from the begining.
june 24, friendly match in Graz, Austria. hot sweaty room. we realised we need bandanas to mop our sweaty sweaty impro brows.
june 26, opening night festivities in Munich. we do a scene with Zimbabwe. they have weird pants. saw some Bavarian knee slappers. great band. tuba as a lead instrument. fucking love the Columbians.
june 27, six and a half hour train trip to Dresden. match against the russians. we squeaked out a victory.
june 28, made it to Berlin in time to drive around the entire city dropping off our bags at our respective hosts (each of us separately-weird being separated after only housing for the last 6 days...i miss steves warm breath). squeaked out another win against Zimbabwe.
june 29, catching up emails in Berlin. must wash my bowling shirt. i sweat like a/an (insert funny description). tonight we play Sweden in an open air theatre. fingers crossed.


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