Tuesday, June 13, 2006

how to warm up for a welt-meister impro tournament; according to derek.

first go to oslo. now, not everyone would agree, but the nordic air is great for starting ones journey into the heart of darkness that is impro preparation. when in oslo rediscover that impro is alive in its myraid of forms, and that should be like a great clicking of cogs, like when it dawns on you that she never really loved you, she just wanted to date john casuga and was using you and your vulenerable teddy bear gifts to get closer and then dance with him during 'lady in red'. the song you had chosen to be your song, not his, but yours.

then do some teaching in rotterdam. because face it, the dutch need all the help they can get. and also it reminds you that even though one may have been improvising for nigh on twenty years there is still alot to learn, like how the deceptively subtle touch of a woman is the first in many satin traps laid out by the 'fairer sex' to lull men into a sense of placidity which is then befouled by talk of emotions and feelings.

follow that by some time in zurich. teaching and performing with the crumbs and some german guy. this is to help one have an appreciation for fun which the swiss seem to have forgotten while they stockpile years of plundered nazi gold underneath their cold, distant gaze. and no matter how much you talk to her or buy her drinks (at fucking ten dollars a beer) she'll never go home with you because you only speak two languages and excuse me for thinking that alittle heavy petting is a cute way of getting to know someone.

followed by two weeks in the czech republic.

can't wait for graz.


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