Friday, June 02, 2006

Jacob Banigan (Edmonton) is an internationally entrenched improv artist; he teaches, directs and performs across Europe, USA and Canada. His expertise in various forms of improv draws him to work with such fine groups as Theater Im Bahnhof, English Lovers (Austria); Die Gorillas, Isar 148, Theatresport Berlin (Germany); Quicksilver Productions (Belgium); Theatre Narobov (Slovenia); Unexpected Productions, Dad's Garage, and SAK Theatre (USA). He has woked with many Canadian companies including Atomic Improv, Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie, Just For Laughs, DIE-NASTY, Vancouver TheatreSports League, Loose Moose Theatre and CRUMBS.

Artistic Director of Edmonton's Rapid Fire Theatre (1995 - 2004), he corralled the talented cast of improvisors into creating consistent and exciting THEATRESPORTS shows, The RFT Improv Academy, The IMPROVAGANZA Festival and the innovative CHiMPROV. Together, RFT and Banigan have taken home ridiculous first place trophies from over a dozen international tournaments, including First Place in the World Domination Theatresports Tournament in Atlanta, which Banigan won playing solo..
Banigan has dabbled in scripted theatre as well: writing, acting and directing. The Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Theatre Awards of Edmonton has recognised Rapid Fire Theatre and Banigan with several nominations, two Outstanding Achievement awards, and special recognition for Outstanding Contribution to Theatre. Jacob Banigan is a creator of brainful comedy through the notorious Gordon's Big Bald Head.

Jacob was chosen by the organisers of the World Cup to form the Canadian Team. So he's the Cap'n.


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