Friday, June 02, 2006

On Improv
Improvisational theatre is an artform that is constantly evolving. Work on stage cannot be based upon past success; instead it must, by it’s very nature, be re-examined and created anew to stay interesting and exciting.

To be frank, improv is occasionally deemed frivolous, juvenile and cheap, since many practitioners are inexperienced and present it in just that way.

However, we may separate the form from the content. The members of The Canadian Shield were selected because they are commited theatre professionals, dedicated to using improv as a way to connect with audiences, create engaging stories, and improve the art form along the way. They seek to incorporate many aspects of theatre in their improv work and thereby to enrich the experience of seeing or performing an unscripted show.

Aim for art, Settle for comedy.
The Theatresports format is just one among many that our players are familiar with. This form allows for many players to feature in a structured show in which good work is rewarded, poor work penalised, and the audience is actively engaged.

That it lends itself well to comedy does not restrict us to merely trying to be funny. Rather, the options as a performer are limitless if one is aiming at creating real moments and interesting stories of the human experience. It is this attitude that makes an improvisor successful, regardless of winning or losing a match.


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