Friday, June 02, 2006

Stephen Sim (Winnipeg) is a member of the international improv sensation CRUMBS. The group is based out of Winnipeg, and has toured throughout Canada and Europe, primarily in Deutschland, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. CRUMBS is a duo (a trio if you count the musician) that specializes in long form improvisational theatre. The show is usually a mix of stories and characters that are woven together in a non-linear way (and it's funny too).

Stephen Sim started improvising (on a stage in front of people) in the early nineteen nineties. Stephen Sim runs the IF... Winnipeg Improv Festival, acting as the Artistic Director. Stephen Sim also runs the Manitoba Improv League, a high school improv program. He is a two time winner of the Masters Of The Obvious Theatresports Tournament at IMPROVAGANZA. Stephen Sim has been teaching improv to the masses, everyone from young beginners to old hacks, for years. Stephen Sim loves teaching almost as much as performing (almost).


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