Sunday, July 09, 2006


Friday night, TWO World Champions were crowned as the audience cheered and voted for both teams equally through three overtime heats.

Both The Canadian Shield and Belgium's Quicksilver Productions were honoured as the fans stubbornly insisted that the show was terrific from tip to tail.
The ref KNUT made the brave call to split the top honour, preemptively deterring the impeding riot in the powderkeg that was the Kurf├╝rstendamm Theater.

During the show:
Derek played a dying child who ate too many cigarettes.
Steve played a musclehead who lacks sensitivity.
Jacob played a jellyfish.

We learned:
Rain is the tears of a giraffe.
Even Make-A-Wish Foundations can get terminally ill.
A man may smell of cheese, yet still find true love.

Some Overtime highlights:
One minute Belgian dance love story of engagement in bed.
The Scary Not Funny Lighthouse Ghost story.

The Host and Official Father Figure Christof Jungmann was awarded a third of the conveniently separable World Cup Trophy for his Exceeding Competence and Benevolence.

Pictures are here for the lookin':

The whole tournament has been a Fearless and Ridiculously Ambitious Whiz-Bang Hoo-Ha, and we feel honoured by the support for our team. Thanks Germany!



Anonymous Caro said...

Your show was so amazing, I loved it. Hope to see you again. Greetings, Caroline

2:18 PM  
Anonymous german fan said...

i saw your final show on german tv and it was so much fun! is there any chance you will come back to germany to perform? btw it's cool you keep this journal, it's just as funny as the shows and it's so cool to get some information =)

10:31 PM  

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