Saturday, July 08, 2006

Have you heard??!

In front of a capacity 850 seat theatre in the ritzy side of west Berlin, two juggernauts of the impro world came together in a clash similar to that of titans. With the pressure of a live, nationwide televised broadcast and with the fate of the whole world resting upon their very malformed shoulders, Belgium and Canada dug deep into their respective comedy bag o'tricks, spat in the bucket, and came out fighting.

Canada lost one point to the very stringent German rule of 'No Mistakes', and got a little distracted by the very sexy crowd.
By the end of the first half Belgium pulled away slightly leading by two points, but with the spirit of a thousand pine trees and the raging power of the mighty North Saskatchewan River, Team Canada wowed, stunned, caused much mouth gaping and was able to pull level by the end of regulation time.
It was then that nail biting became the order on the menu of tension.

After three(!) tie breaker attempts and the threat of penalty kicks it was decided that there could only be one winner. That winner was: IMPRO! And so for 2006 there would be two World Champions!!! Huzzah Belgium!! Huzzah Canada!!

The world is now a safer place.
end transmission.


Blogger home sweet home said...

congrats, guys!
you did such an amazing job yesterday! i am so impressed! i loved that evening. even though we were shopping when that monstrous clouds and rain came. so we were pretty wet ;o) but we had a phenomenal time watching this show!
and it's just the right solution to have two world champions!! belgium deserved it as much as you did! so IMPRO unites the world! that's cool!
looking forward to the show tonight!
see you in the shake tent!


2:08 PM  
Blogger shumbelina said...

I checked the results when I left work at 5 peg time. a friend I was chatting with wondered if they were penelty kicks and I guess there were and three no less. Nice photographs and congrats!! wopee!!! Wish I was there.

3:58 PM  
Blogger home sweet home said...

hey guys!

if you wanna see some photos from yesterday...just hit up my blog. i'll send them later!


12:01 PM  

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