Sunday, July 09, 2006


after almost two weeks of consecutive impro the first world cup of impro is over. and like every good shark jumping moment, every one learned a valuable lesson, friendships were strengthened with maghogony, and a sassy, smart talking baby grew up right before our eyes. the long night of theatresports was and it wasn't. theatresports it wasn't but long indeed it was. that didn't deter the full tent to cheer everyone and wallow chest deep in impro haha-ery.

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sadness is now slowly overtaking everyone as our ever extended family started to splinter last night during the sunrise dance party with the departure of some argentians, the japanese, a few columbians, and a frenchman or two.
tonight will be a little more reserved as france and italy take to the pitch in an attempt to bring moisture to the great fallow fields of misery left behind by the ravaging birds of impro.

and could this be the end of the canadian shield? a team brought together for this one sole purpose is now adrift. what will become of them? tune in next time...


Blogger home sweet home said...

don't make me sad guys!
it was such a wonderful time during the world cup! i have never seen that much impro in so little time! if it was up to me i'd like to keep all of you in berlin! but i guess it's impossible, huh?
and keep the shield going! you're the best national team ever and need to stay together!

i'll miss this whole impro-family a lot! it was a great time!


6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Will you please do a world-cup-winneresque good-bye-tour before splitting up and getting your lives back? Please? I mean, pleeease?
You see, it is now on you to save the german people from falling into nothingsness after all life defining events of the last four weeks came to an end... I already miss the madness. I miss having international guests every other day.

Also, I'd just love to see you perform together again. You rock.

*hugs from Hamburg*


9:00 AM  

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