Monday, July 03, 2006

The Team As Anatomy...

Jacob is the Brain. The whole nervous system actually, he says 'jump' and the other two ask 'how high?'. He feels around and determines what the show needs and then sends out electrical impulses to the right places. He gets the ideas and vetos the 'crazy' ideas (guess where those are coming from?). The Brain leads us into the dark and mysterious unknown fearlessly.

Steve is the Heart. The circulatory system, feeding the brain and all other parts with precious oxygen. Making sure there is a steady rhythm to the show. As well, the heart feels... oh how it feels. Sometimes there is a great disturbance in the improv force and sometimes... it's all pony rides and rainbows.

Derek is the Madness. The dark lurking IT, the adrenaline, the endomorphines, waiting to pump another injection into both the brain and the heart. Sure, sometimes the pulse rises dangerously high, and sometimes the brain is wired with too many synapses firing, but it's all for the greater good. And at the end of the day all these crazy natural drugs make for a good show (with some strange side effects of course).

The trick is to get all these parts of the whole working together to create the best body of work possible, for the fans. And so that people don't have to rely on robots to make their improv shows, that would be terrible (even though robots are funny).


Blogger shumbelina said...

you guys rock!!! just checked the results and you just two more to go!!! Best wishes from the peg

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