Monday, July 03, 2006

Well jeez its hot in Europe, and I don't just mean the hot improv that has been sweeping across Germany.

The sweating that has been going on has been breaking sweat records left right and centre. The last show in Bremen which had Canada head to head with Sweden saw four bucket loads of persperation produced (of course, all the sweat was donated to charity). The match between Canada and Sweden ended with the Swedes taking the match, which means that both Canada and Sweden move on from Group D. Which means we have to say a sweet good-byes to the teams from Russia and Zimbawe.

The Quarter-final match is in Hamburg and will see Canada facing off with New Zealand. Let's hope our Canucks can pull this one off and move on to the Semi-finals.

And lets also hope that the sweaty hot shows can cool down just a bit, and that nobody get hurt.


Anonymous Anonymous said...'re great! i just checked the final score of semifinal and have to congratulate you!! new zealand was a real tough opponent! respect! you did a great job.
now it's up to defeat austria! will you do that? (p.s. jacob...even you gotta fight, aight?) i will keep my fingers crossed for you! and then we'll see eachother on friday at the theatre am kurf├╝rstendamm for the final against columbia!

and i got a question: will you also take part in the long night of theatresports on saturday in the shake tent? hopefully!

okay...enjoy your freetime till thursday and don't melt away. i's just 10am and about 35┬░C at my front door.
looking forward to see you on friday!

greets from berlin!

jule =)

write me if you got some time:

9:07 AM  

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